In 2016, I recommended Yahleads to a client of mine, Institution of Health Science, to generate leads online.

Their performance was better than I had anticipated – in fact they are currently still working for my client. Yahleads, exceeded their target, as well as the increased target for leads generated per month, within a specified budget.

This was even though the niche market the client operates in, is very challenging to advertise for on both Google and Facebook. Despite challenges, Yahleads found solutions to deliver results.

We enjoy working together with Yahleads, as they constantly provide added value and ideas, even in areas they are not responsible for. Their business approach to marketing is extremely valuable not only to myself as a consultant, but also to my clients.

Michael Plumstead
TLC Total Learning Concepts (Pty) Ltd.

“I would like to express my satisfaction in doing business with you over the last two years. We have received several leads on a daily and confirm that we have managed to close approximately 50 – 60% of those leads. I confirm that the leads were of good quality and that the clients that have been referred to us were good quality clients.
We look forward to doing business with you for a long time. I have been involved in the legal industry for a very long time and have frequently worked with other companies offering similar products than yours, but can say without any conviction that your leads are of the best that we have used.”

Sean Hefferman

“During 2016, we commissioned YAHLEADS to develop our website and to market
the website online.
Our interaction with Jan and his team was an exceptionally fruitful and gratifying experience and their professional, exemplary demeanour allayed any fears we might have had in initiating this process. Their attention to detail in meeting our overtly meticulous requirements was met with vigour and total unwavering commitment.
The end result –an outstanding product we are delighted to utilize in marketing our firm. In addition to the infallible product developed by Yahleads they have constantly endeavoured to pro-actively generate content in support of our business needs with our elevated standards in mind. The overallexperience with the website development as well as the marketing services has been superlative.Jan and his team displayed an uncanny ability to assess our needs in the marketing arena and as such we have experienced a constant influx of new clients via their construct since the live initiation of the product.
We undoubtedly and unreservedly recommend Yahleads services and consider them frontrunners in the website and internet marketing sector and look forward to a prolonged working relationship with them in the future.”

Gavin Roberts
Medical Schemes Manager

“Jan and his team has seriously changed our way of thinking. It has helped us to think out of the box. For so many years we have expected to receive enquiries/sales through expensive advertising in magazines and newspapers but with not much success. They guaranteed us a certain number of responses or money back, but we could hardly keep up with the 300 inquiries which came in in the first month, and still come in every single day.I recommend them to anyone who is in business and who wants to increase their company sales or awareness.”

Pam Yoko
Accelerated Christian Education

“There has been a huge increase in inquiries resulting from Jan and his team’s e-marketing endeavours. It is a pleasure to write this testimonial as already previously we have actively recommended their services. Jan Rautenbach is clearly knowledgeable in his field of expertise and is a pleasure to do business with. They have also provided us with alternative marketing strategies beyond the service level agreement which definitely has had a positive impact on our business. I would definitely highly recommend then not only for their outstanding service, but also for their honesty and professionalism.”

John Sandys
Managing Member
ENJO Consultants CC

“We have used Jan’s services for more than a year now. We were pleasantly surprised when we started receiving some leads, as we were a little sceptical at first, due to the fact that we are a very specialised logistics business. We have received leads for a few huge contracts that we are busy pursuing. We also receive a regular steady stream of leads for transporters we are able to place on our contracts.”

Peter Montgomery
Silver Rock Logistics