About Us

As a local company, we believe in the value of customer service, first and foremost. Our team is dedicated to resolving customer issues and providing products and services that enable Estate managers to effectively manage traffic flows.

Because our products are locally manufactured, we can supply outstanding service and response.

Estates and Industrial / Mining / Private roads

SpeedSentry display units, Integrated Camera units, Mini Display and Integrated Camera displays and stand alone camera displays are used to manage traffic in Estates and on non public roads.

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Public Road Units

Ambrosys is in the advanced prototyping sage of development of a Laser based speed camera for Public Road use. In consultation with a large AARTO service provider, we are developing an innovative laser speed trap for deployment by the end of Q2 2019.

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R&D and Bespoke developments.

Ambrosys has the ability to undertake bespoke projects for our customers, based on our existing Laser and Radar technology.

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