Generate A Bigger Facebook Audience

In our last episode, we discussed how to target your prospects on Facebook using “Audience Insights“. Today, I would like to cover something that’s very interesting and powerful. If you have an existing list of customers and contacts, you can upload these onto Facebook into what is referred to as a “custom audience”.

Why would I want to do that you may ask – I already have these contacts and I can already send them emails!

Well, there are two reasons for this:
Firstly, many people do not bother to open all their emails. By also advertising to your audience on Facebook you can engage them in a different, more social way, and keep your brand top of mind when it matters most.

Secondly, and this is a really exciting feature Facebook offers:
You can use your existing customer and prospect contact list to create what is called a “look-a-like” audience in Facebook. Facebook uses their powerful algorithms, demographic and psychographic data to create another target list for you that have very similar characteristics to your existing customers and prospects. And, now you can advertise to this very targeted audience on Facebook! It is absolutely awesome!

The advantage of doing this is the following:
Lower click costs – Facebook rewards you by charging lower click costs as this new audience is more likely to engage with your ads.
Better targeting – Facebook uses their algorithms to figure out the best audience likely to engage with your ads.

Let me know if you need any help implementing this for your business or professional practice by filling in the form on the right.