How To Target A Great Audience On Facebook

In the last article, we discussed the merits of Facebook Advertising, and how it is different to Google Ads. Let’s now focus on how you can find the right audience to advertise to on Facebook. There are several very powerful methods to target, but let’s start with Facebook “Audience Insights”.

Facebook has a powerful feature called “Audience Insights” that you can use to find the right audience for your business. You can select to reach people who have geographic, demographic and psychographic information based on:
Countries, cities, suburbs
Interests – perhaps they show an interest in technology – if you are involved in the technology industry for example
Age – you can select an audience based on age – maybe your ideal prospects fall into a specific age group
• Gender
• Occupation
• Whether they own a business
• Relationship status, for example married, single, in a relationship
• Financial status, for example whether they own a house, what they earn

Please note some of this information is only accurate in the USA, where Facebook gets data from “big data” companies. This is especially the case with financial data. Other data such as interests, geographic area, gender, age are pretty accurate world-wide. In the US, you can even target someone who has just bought a new vehicle, or applied for a home loan, and many other highly useful criteria.

The idea of selecting an audience is to make it narrow, so that your advert and landing page can address that audience in a language that they understand and that appeals to them. For example; if you sell biker jackets, your clients could be both male and female, but if you split your audience you can have one advert that appeals specifically to women, and another advert appealing specifically to men, thereby significantly increasing the number of leads and decreasing cost per lead.

Another advantage of selecting a narrow audience, is that it improves the overall Facebook user experience as they only see ads with information very relevant to them. This also improves your brand association, and decreases your unit advertising costs as your ads get a better relevancy score allocated by Facebook.

Targeting the right audience with relevant adverts and landing pages can give you great cost-effective results on Facebook!
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