When To Use Facebook Ads

In our past articles in this series we have mainly covered Google Ads as the top way of creating responsive high quality leads. Google Ads is really great to find prospects that are looking for your services right now. However sometimes there are not enough people specifically searching for your service right now.

It is also great if you provide a service or product that is very well defined and that people know they need.
But, what if you provide services or solutions that people don’t really realize they need? Or perhaps they don’t know there is a solution to their problem?

This is where Facebook advertising is a great solution!
You can advertise on Facebook to get additional leads or advertise services that you know people are not really searching for.
There are some major differences one should be aware of when advertising on Facebook though:
1. When people browse their newsfeed on Facebook, they are in a “social mode”. They are not searching for your service.
2. In order to attract prospects, your advert needs to be interesting, informative and targeted to the right audience.
3. You would need to offer some free information or advice that they can download, or a free video they can watch, an event or seminar they can attend, in exchange for their contact details, in the form of an email address, phone number or both.

Once you have their contact details, you will need to add them to your prospect list and keep sending them follow-up information via email. Please see our article to do with auto-responder emails earlier in this series.
You are now building a relationship with your prospects, and at some point they will decide that they need your service. By having a big enough prospect list, you are therefor ensuring a steady flow of business for the future, with very little effort!
Please keep a lookout for our next article on how to target the right audience on Facebook.