Do People Stay On Your Website?

Let’s cover some important website aspects today!
There are many misconceptions when designing and creating websites. Here are some tips to get users to stay on your website.

If a site is too slow your audience will leave quickly. They will also not bother looking for further information and browse other pages. The entire page should load in 1 or 2 seconds.

Is it mobile responsive?
More than 50% of people nowadays browse and search information from mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones. If the user experience on a mobile device is not great, you will lose them. The site has to be able to sense whether it is being displayed on a desktop device or a mobile device, as well as the size of the screen on the device, and automatically display the site on the appropriate screen size.

Is information easy and quick to find?
Structure your site with the user experience and easy navigation in mind. Is it easy for someone to contact you? Increase credibility greatly by displaying your phone number.

Are you making demands on the user?
Make sure the website works for almost any browser, and that the user won’t be required to download any special plugins or software just to view the site. Avoid using things like flash.

Functional is better than pretty!
As long as your site is professional and clean it will be successful. Don’t worry too much about how beautiful it is.

Show social proof! Provide testimonials in both video and written/text format. This will have your audience warm up to you. Remember – they don’t know you yet!

Font size and clarity
Make sure the font size is big enough to read easily – again this needs to keep target audience in mind. Older audiences would require a bigger, clearer font. Don’t use a light font that is difficult to read against the background and site color.

Add a blog
If you want to keep your audience engaged, add blog articles to your web site, and send these to your audience via email, and social media. It will help build your search rankings and keep your audience engaged.

Some technical issues
Here are a list of more technical issues that you can ask your web developer to action:
• Security – Protect your site against hackers! Make sure passwords to log into the site as well as a content management system (often WordPress) do not have common user names and passwords. Ensure passwords are strong and change the passwords regularly.
• Keep your web software like WordPress versions and plugins up to date at all times to prevent attacks.
• Make sure your web developer knows about on page SEO and that header tags are used correctly, that a sitemap is in-stalled, and that Google Analytics is installed and works correctly.
• Ensure your site pages are optimized for speed.
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