Online Marketing Strategy In A Nutshell

I trust you have been enjoying our series so far?
I would like to summarize a strategy for your online marketing efforts today, and then we will expand on some of the concepts we have not yet covered later in the series.
We have already mentioned that Google ads is great to create an immediate return on investment. However, you also want to build your business website’s organic ranking with time, and also use the power of social media.
Because of costs and time constraints, it is imperative that you leverage all of your online efforts into a simple but comprehensive strategy.

What do I mean by this?
You need to be able to reuse and re-purpose whatever you do online, in order to achieve the following:
• Consistently improve the search ranking of your website
• Provide great content to your audience, in order that you stay “top of mind” until they need you
• Keep people engaged on social media

How do you do this?
1. Send your prospects and clients great tips and advice by email regularly.
2. Post this same content on your website blog, every time you send out an email.
3. Summarize the content into a great introduction statement, with a link to your blog, and post this on:
• LinkedIn as a share
• Your Facebook fan page
• Google+
• Tweet it via Twitter
• There are many other social media sites you can also post to but we will stick to these for now.

What is the point of all this?
You have used the effort of one piece of content to bring it to the attention of not only your email list, but many other people on all these social platforms. It will help to rank your website locally (Google sees you as a local business – if you have not done so, register your business on Google for Business as soon as possible!)
Even if people do not read your email, they could interact with your content on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, as long as you also keep adding to your network on these platforms. If you need any help in implementing a strategy such as this, please fill in the form on the right.