Landing Pages – The Difference Between A Successful And Struggling Campaign

Today we will cover landing pages.

A landing page is a specially developed page that promotes a narrow aspect of your business or practice. For example, if you are a lawyer, you could have a landing page specifically targeting people who are interested in motor vehicle accident claims, but not all the aspects of your practice. Similarly, if you sold services for swimming pools and landscaping, you would create a separate landing page for each service.

The advertising campaign will also specifically target this group of people. When they click on the advert, they then get more information, specific only to what they are interested in. They therefor get an understanding that this is something you specialize in, and they are more comfortable contacting you.

Your landing page should also be mobile responsive…meaning it should display well on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. According to a ComScore (online authority) report, 60% of search now comes from mobile (phones and tablets); increasing from 50% a year ago! By having a landing page that displays awkwardly on a mobile device you immediately waste the cost of the click and throw away a prospect as well.

A landing page is probably one of the most important elements in a Google Ads campaign (or any paid traffic campaign), and the difference between success and mediocrity. By not having a well-designed landing page, you may as well say: “I tried Google Ads but it doesn’t work for (your business specialty).” Many advertisers still send traffic straight to the “home” page of their site. This confuses the person searching and in 1 to 2 seconds they will leave the website, if they feel the information is not relevant to what they are looking for.

In fact, we assisted a divorce lawyer who had created his own Google ads campaign. By simply creating a dedicated landing page for the campaign we increased his leads from the clicks he was getting more than 10 times! This alone turned a mediocre campaign into a successful campaign.

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