Infinitely Increase Your Audience With Retargeting / Remarketing

In this post I’m going to focus on a very powerful concept called re targeting and how you can use it to your advantage!

Let’s assume you have someone visiting your website; they have somehow found it online, whether via a Google Ads campaign or by simply getting to your web site.

When this person browses your website or landing page they perhaps get distracted. Maybe its late at night and they don’t feel comfortable filling in the form and so they think they will call you the next morning.

Well as we all know life happens – the next morning a million things happen and they forget to call you, and even forget who you are! So you lost them right? Well, maybe not! Not if you are doing re marketing online!

You can create on Google and Facebook what is termed a “re marketing audience” – This is a cookie that’s left on the prospect’s browser. The next time they browse the Internet you can display your company logo and message on adverts on any site that displays ads that the prospect browses.

You can even display ads on the prospect’s Facebook news feed, as a re marketing advert! This then reminds the prospect who you are and that they were about to contact you but forgot. They will now be more likely to follow through with their original intent.

This powerful feature also may give the prospect the impression that you are bigger than you are – as they are seeing your ads all over the Internet. It’s impressive!

Does your Google Ads consultant use re marketing for you? If not they should, as it is an important weapon in your online marketing arsenal.