The Magic Of Auto-Responders

Today I’m going to talk about auto-responders and how to automate communications to your clients and prospects.

An auto-responder is an emailing tool that enables you to schedule and send out a series of emails at pre-determined intervals. You can also use the tool to send out a mass email to a mailing list.

It is a very powerful tool but needs to be used with caution, as people are inundated with irrelevant emails. It is important to send your audience emails that are relevant to them and topical, and does not overtly keep punting your services.

It is a great tool you can use to send each of your existing clients and prospective clients a communication that they might find interesting, and to keep you top of mind. When they need a problem solved, they will then immediately think of contacting you!

The frequency of your emails will depend on a few things:

  • Do you have someone that can write interesting content for you?
  • How interesting is the content?
  • Can you turn a topic into a series of emails? In this case you could send one a week, or in some cases, even one a day for a short series. For example; an attorney could send a series of relevant new legislation changes.

If you have an online campaign, such as Google Ads running it is very important to keep in contact with the leads you have received – even those that did not turn into clients. They might turn into a client at a later stage – but not if they have forgotten all about you!

There are many tools available you can use, some are even free for up to 2000 subscribers. Give us a call and we could assist you in not only creating a Google Ads campaign, but also implementing the tools you need to stay in touch with all your new leads and existing clients. We also offer copyrighting services to create appropriate content for you to communicate with your clients!

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Next week I’ll be discussing a very interesting topic called retargeting or remarketing!