Measure Your Marketing With Call Tracking

Why is call tracking so important?

More than 60% of people nowadays search online from a mobile device, especially a smart phone. When people search from a smart phone, they want to engage immediately – they prefer calling a number than filling in a web form, and waiting for someone to call back! I was astounded when I started using call tracking for my clients, as previously international statistics stated that 40% of people call rather than fill in a web form.

I have found that in some countries, on some campaigns, 60% to 70% of people call rather than fill in a form! So what, might you think? Well ….if we did not use call tracking we would not have known this.

We also train our client’s employees on how to interact with prospects calling from their campaigns. It is critical to the success of the campaign that we can track statistics, including how many leads convert into clients, in order to ensure results are measured and improved on. If you don’t know where the problem is, you can’t fix it!

Call tracking also enables us to keep track of which keywords initiate calls – it integrates right into the Google Ads campaign, thereby enabling us to measure everything! And by being able to measure, we can optimize and improve, thereby reducing important costs like cost per client acquisition. That means you get more prospective clients for spending the same amount of money!

No other form of advertising gives you this type of return on investment measurement! If your Google Ads consultant does not use call tracking metrics, you are more than likely spending more than you should on your campaigns.

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Next I’ll be talking about an auto-responder, that sends automated emails, and how you can use it to keep building a relationship with your leads as well as new and existing clients.