The Power of Google Adverts

Today I would like to talk about Google Adverts and why “Bigger is Better”! (as far as adverts are concerned anyway).

Let’s dive right in by looking at the following two adverts that come up when searching for a divorce lawyer in Las Vegas: (This example is applicable for ads anywhere in the world). As you can see the top advert shows 3 lines visible, and the bottom one shows 6 lines.

Not only that, the second advert also displays a phone number that can be called without the prospect even clicking on the advert! It is probable for the second advert to get more clicks than the first, even though the advert displays a position below.

The second advert will also be paying less per click than the first (because it is in a lower position). The second advert is making use of more Google facilities than the first advert, and these are:

  •  Call extensions – to display the phone number
  • Site extensions – to display links to the “Our Team” page, and “Contact us” page. You could use these extensions to create links to more specific landing pages as well, for example “Custody” and “Maintenance”; those are still very closely related to the search term “divorce lawyer”.
  • Address extension – This is a powerful feature and also lets you feature on the map that Google displays on the right side of the search results page. In order to make use of the address extension, you simply need to register your business online with Google for business pages. Google then mails (snail mail) you a postcard with a verification code that you enter online, so that they can verify your address actually exists. Keep trying until the post office delivers the mail from Google!

Make sure your Google Ads consultant is making use of all these features, so that you can maximize your ad spend!

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Next I’ll tell you about phone call tracking, and why it is so important to a successful campaign!